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We all love a good story! – Street Photo – Lambani Gypsies

March 26, 2015 1 min read

We all love a good story!

We all love some details of other lives.

This inherent trait of humans across cultures is probably one of the biggest advantages of the human species.

It leads us to learn from the lives of others – so that we do not have to MAKE the mistake in order to learn from it. Imagine where science would be, if each of us had to experiment before discovering penicillin or flying! If we each had to reinvent the wheel!

So much as the moral police would have us believe that the contrary is true, I think gossip is advantageous.

Cheers to the tradition of story-sharing – a.k.a. gossip.

A photo of Lambani ladies living out traditions of sharing an engaging story!


Click to view more images of Lambani women in Karnataka


March 2015

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