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A Temple Lies Locked

April 03, 2015 1 min read

Many temples are run by trusts. Trusts that are made up of people.

Sometimes people disagree. And fight. And over time, with the addition of ego and the passage of time that enhances the go, these fights turn into feuds and the individuals garner support on opposing sides and then the feud becomes unsolvable.

Even in temple trusts.

And then the temple is locked.

I’ve heard such stories.

And then I came upon one in Nepal.

With a traditional lock that was huge. No doubt with today’s technology the lock will not be hard to break. But, the fact is that it is not physical strength that is needed to break it. Such locks can only be opened with the keys of reconciliation – with attitudes of cooperation, of each one willing to give more than they want to take, simply in the interest of the temple itself.

And until that day comes, there will be no worship.And the Gods will have been defeated by men.

Art in heritage architecture, Durbar square, Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal


March 2015

A temple lies locked.

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