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The Charm of a Small Town – Sihanoukville, Cambodia

April 26, 2015 3 min read

Until my ship sailed to Sihanoukville I did not even know that such a town existed. Cambodia is usually all about Angkor Wat and being the blind tourist that I am, I had never thought about the places that lie beyond.

Sihanoukville is one of the main cities in Cambodia. As a country Cambodia is in the early stages of industrial development and so the atmosphere is one where the people are still bonded to each other and not their material possessions.

Usually, in any city, one of the places that I visit is the market as it reveals the life of the local people. The interactions, the things they buy and sell, the mix of the buyers ad sellers, all offer some insight into their days.

I had heard my children say once, of one of the cities that they had visited in Canada that everyone is so nice – they all greet each other and smile even strangers they meet on the road. And they lamented that this culture was absent elsewhere. Their observation stayed on my mind and I often thought about the factors that lead society to either be overtly pleasant / to give up its pleasantries.

In Sihanoukville, I did not hear any ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Thank you’ or ‘Excuse me’.  These were the words taught to us as signs of courteousness / good manners and conversely it also meant that failing to say these implied bad manners.

Then in market, as I observed people going about their daily lives, I saw that in the most crowded places, they’d make place for one more. They’d step aside for a man carrying a burden. Children of strangers were attended to in times of need.  No words of formal pleasantry were exchanged. Yet everyone acted in a way to help each other.

Here I realised that people can express politeness and courtesy by acting gracefully in complete silence in every single act of their lives instead of through spoken words.


Here are some pictures of the streets of Sihanoukville. In these photos, one might find the simple charm of another world, or one may find things that are ‘I couldn’t do that’  – it depends on the mindset.



The means of carrying goods & people are unique in Cambodial! The motorcyle-taxi – with the passenger-carriage being drawn by the motorbike is so innovative!


The motorcycle -taxi

IMG_8268-CORR IMG_8267-CORR IMG_8266-CORR IMG_8265-CORR    IMG_8260-CORR





Hammocks for the Taxi Drivers to rest in.

The petrol points must have been further out in the city creating a little business opportunity for this man.


Petrol Point



Selling everything under the sun – from Gold & clothes to flowers & food. Many of the foods / fruits I have never seen before even though I live in the same region.



Fish Otak Snack

IMG_8254-CORR   IMG_8251-CORR IMG_8250-CORR IMG_8248-CORR

Where one can get oneself weighed for a little money.


Sale of things that one offers to ancestors: Incense, paper money, toy houses etc.


The diet, based on the supply in this market appears to be mainly seafood – fresh as well as dried.




IMG_8191-CORR IMG_8190-CORR  IMG_8187-CORR IMG_8186-CORR   IMG_8183-CORR IMG_8182-CORR  IMG_8180-CORR  IMG_8178-CORR IMG_8177-CORR IMG_8176-CORR  IMG_8174-CORR IMG_8173-CORR IMG_8171-CORR

IMG_8235-CORR IMG_8233-CORR IMG_8232-CORR  IMG_8230-CORR  IMG_8228-CORR IMG_8227-CORR  IMG_8224-CORR IMG_8223-CORR

Women Butchers


IMG_8221-CORR  IMG_8219-CORR IMG_8214-CORR IMG_8211-CORR IMG_8210-CORR

A hammock for the shopkeeper in case he gets tired of selling.



Repackaged oil – put in affordable little ‘3-day’ packs.

IMG_8205-CORR IMG_8203-CORR IMG_8202-CORR IMG_8201-CORR  IMG_8199-CORR IMG_8198-CORR

The preferred mode of carrying weight seemed to be the shoulder beam from which the baskets filled with goods hung. So much physics in daily life!


The traveling salesman



Hot snacks for shoppers



IMG_8170-CORR IMG_8169-CORR  IMG_8167-CORR IMG_8164-CORR IMG_8163-CORR   IMG_8159-CORR IMG_8158-CORR IMG_8157-CORR IMG_8156-CORR

A little Bakery


IMG_8155-CORR IMG_8154-CORR  IMG_8152-CORR IMG_8151-CORR IMG_8150-CORR IMG_8149-CORR IMG_8148-CORR IMG_8147-CORR IMG_8146-CORR IMG_8145-CORR IMG_8143-CORR   IMG_8139-CORR

And finally the most endearing photos of Sihanoukville:

A toy seller with her infant – that shows that in the end we all are the same.




April 2015

The Charm of Small Town – Sihanoukville, Cambodia

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