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Interesting Istanbul 2 – The Shoe Shine Men

July 11, 2015 1 min read

Interesting IstanbulJust outside the Topkapi Palace….

Interesting Istanbul

A shoe shine man with a glamorous set up!

Interesting Istanbul

This was not just a scene of a service provider and a customer. It was a scene of two men chatting in a very bonded way.I wonder what they are talking about. Politics? Social Issues? Or about the strange tourists who stop and stare at everything?


Interesting Istanbul

Alongside their discussions, the shoes are also getting worked upon!


Interesting Istanbul

These shoe shine men are everywhere in Istanbul!

Interesting Istanbul

Such quaint shoe shine set-ups I have never seen before …

And isn’t that the purpose of travel? To see lifetsyles we have not seen before?



July 2015

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