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Double Sided Embroidery 1 – The Technique

April 23, 2014 1 min read

While doing some research on newly acquired textiles with double-sided embroidery from Rajasthan & Swat valley, I came across this fantastic article.

The Su double-sided embroidery from China is different in character  from the ones from Rajasthan or Swat.

Su embroidery art has mainly figurative subjects while the double-sided embroidery of Rajasthan & Swat both seem to be motif-oriented.

The sizes of the artworks as well as the materials used differ in the work from China and the Indian sub-continent. Su embroidery work appears to be used to create decorative artworks for the wall while artworks from the latter are worn or have functional uses in the home.

But the technique might be similar.

A separate article on the double-sided embroidery from Rajasthan and Swat will follow later.

Please click here to view the article on the Su technique from China.






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