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Inspired by the Gods – Jain Architecture

April 25, 2014 1 min read

God can take one to great heights! I never really believed that until I began witnessing religious art created by inspired people. These works are inspired from deep within the soul. And result in timeless beauty.

Jainism is known for the monumental art in its textiles, its manuscripts and in its architecture.

The following images of a Jain temple made in the Dilwara style, outside Jaisalmer convey the beauty of Jain architecture!







As I take my time wandering through the temple, I wonder if the sense of peace and calm emanates simply from the shade that the walls provide  in the Jaisalmer sun or whether it is the penance and prayers of all the peace-loving Jains that prayed here and made this beautiful structure that makes it so.

Hopefully the images convey that serenity too!


jm April 2014

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