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The Susegad Dogs of Goa 

September 07, 2018 1 min read

Susegad is an attitude Goa is known for.

There is no exact translation – but it loosely means relaxed or carefree or don’t-worry-about-it or lazing or just-chill ….

This attitude has clearly been transmitted to the pets and other animals – here is the evidence:


For years I’ve noticed that the centre of the road is the favorite lazing spot of all the little canine brats of Goa.

And when a car arrives, they don’t think much of it and continue their lazing. It’s only when you get really close that they finally get up and move out with an expression of “once again these annoying humans have come along to disrupt my nap”! Finally took some pics over the last fortnight! Love their attitude!

In my village:

In the city:


Puppies in Training: Chapter 1: Finding the sweet spot in the centre of the road despite grave risks



And the video that shows the anguish of his compromise:


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