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An Eventful Walk – Goa

September 02, 2018 2 min read


An evening in Goa – I went out to buy some dahi and stopped at the beach expecting to take a normal short uneventful walk.
There were fishermen and their fish.
And the poisonous snakes they discarded from their catch and the crows that came after them all!
And then there was the lone Sadhubaba.
And a herder taking his buffaloes home after a hard day of grazing and lazing!

Uneventful it was not!



The lone babaji…

40219655_10156623970984935_900797054496800768_nand his dog! 40197064_10156624136304935_515892139947720704_n


Homeward bound water buffaloes who give the tastiest milk ever! 40159365_10156623971089935_5860911641977159680_n

And the footballers that no Goan beach is complete without. Everyone’s welcome – everyone plays.


And finally – the most astonishing part of the walk was the sighting of these little fellows – one of many discarded by the fishermen!

The trail shows he made a few turns and ultimately figured out the correct direction!


It turns out the the little guy I was following is one of the most poisonous snakes.

“Generally, the species is found in Fiji, southern Japan and Singapore.

Their venom is ten times stronger than that of a cobra, making them extremely dangerous. This snake does not bite humans unless it feels threatened.”  

Don’t know if he made it back to the sea or not. Don’t know how the fishermen handle it and fish it out of the fish. Don’t know if there have been bites etc …

Saw the whole event remotely again 3 days later.40479123_10156632672869935_5555917561792561152_n

And am hoping to see them once again soon – will ask. And in case they are sweet enough to stop their hard work and tight schedule to listen to me and answer my questions just to satisfy my curiosity – I’ll have some more to share!


jaina mishra

Sept 2018

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