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The one thing I’d like to abolish… Goodbyes

April 30, 2018 1 min read

The one thing I’s like to abolish is the “Good-bye” or its milder form – “Farewell”. 

Friends leaving for other cities where their jobs take them and children leaving for uni ought to be declared ‘crimes against humanity’. 

But the worst of the byes is when I have to leave – even if it is just for a few weeks and even if it is for selfplanned things that I really want to do! 

The objection is to “leaving behind” things that I wish could all go everywhere with me. 

Leaving behind a whole life – e.g. Simba in Simbapore, the terrific people – all 20 million of them in Mumbai, the calming aura of solitude in the 100 year old house with the 52-feet high roof in Goa, the simple village life in Goa growing chillies, the amazing innocence of the Ladakhi friends, the ‘everything-works’ city of Singapore –  is heartwrenching. 

I want to pack it all in my bag and take it with me. 

It might have  been simpler to live just one life in one location with just one routine. 

For, one half of me is forever yearning for the life left behind while the other half wants to live all lives possible in this one lifetime. 


Written on my way to the airport… 


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