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My kind of Palace

December 13, 2017 2 min read

After a long time I have been able to afford the time to take a little solo trip. 
And here I am in a charming palace sipping green tea! 

in this verandah

The roofs are steep and the tiles are perfectly laid out. And the verticalaccents make all the difference!  

I wish I could meet the Rama Verma family owns this and thank them for their strong sense of identity! 

I wondered how it would be to be born as a royal princess! (Here in Kerala princesses are higher in the pecking order than princes). 

Would the rules of life be stricter? Would the wealth buy me freedoms? Or would the responsibilities offer me enough fulfillment to compensate for the lost freedoms? 

Would I be able to eat the Kerala small dosa from  a street vendor and chat with him in fragmented sentences in hybrid languages? Or would I as a royal, be happy to be making some larger policy decision that might change his life in some small way?

After pondering a bit, as usual … I arrive at the conclusion that this thought is pointless and must be discarded. For no one asked me where I would prefer to be born before my birth. 

But since a hotel is a choice to be made – I selected this charming austere palace over the lavish global chain hotels. 

Am loving the simplicity and the serenity.  Am loving that the staff are few – allowing the space for solitude. 

And above all – I am loving the swing!! 

Dec 2017

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