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The Dancing Girl with the Parrot – Kalamkari from the 17th C

March 05, 2021 1 min read

Have you been introduced this lovely lady?

Have you seen her lovely clothes and lovely jewels?

Is that a hand fan she is carrying? What is she saying to her parrot?

Antique Indian Kalamkari Textile, IHC

15th-17th century!!!

Seen at the Indian Heritage Centre, Singapore

The costumes of the young lady leads to the belief that the subject is a dancing girl / Nautch girl.

This fits in with all the other photographs and drawing we have from the 1800s / early 1900s. The first is from the collection of the V&A museum and the second from the British Museum.

And finally an interesting newspaper article featuring another several generations after the subject of our Kalamkari textile:

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