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Diverse Media of Dayak Art

February 28, 2021 1 min read

I can actually ‘feel’ the compulsion they must have felt to decorate anything and everything around them!

Literally any thing!

The diversity of media used to express their highly developed creativity is astounding …at least in the types I’ve come across.

Some I managed to acquire. Others got away – so let’s begin with the pain point – one that got away – A Dayak Chief’s belt decoration:

Then there are these others that I have the honor of knowing and handling:

Asset 1096
Asset 1097
Asset 235

Asset 234

Asset 877

Asset 986
Asset 849
Asset 205

And the Dayak earrings that are priceless for many reasons:

Asset 1378

As I saw on a trip to the longhouses of Sarawak, even walls and pillars are decorated with their beautiful motifs that seem to just flow out of their beings:

Sold Asset from Wovensouls

And so, as it is with life, we’ll look forward to the next new thing that will captivate our minds and enslave our hearts….

And with these pretty things, the passage of time becomes a journey filled with beauty & love!

See all the Dayak objects in the wovensouls collection here.



Feb 2021

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