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The Astitva Project – Phase II Launch

June 14, 2018 2 min read

Read about the Introduction & Conception here.


May 2018

There are only TWO men, in the entire ethnic group who know how to make the woven cummerbund worn by men. Both men are great grandfathers….

With the Astitva Project Phase II  micro project we are attempting to transfer the skill of weaving these textile signatures of their identity to EIGHT other men of the next generation so that this particular textile art is not lost to the world.

At present there are only 2 looms available in the entire community, one of which requires repairs.  As a part of the project they will first construct two new looms. And then the two groups of 1 teacher + 4 students will work together in 2 villages twice or thrice a week. And in a few months we will have more weavers in the community!

We have taken the first steps. The students and the teachers are excited.

And we are hopeful that everyone will take the next step and then the next….and continue along the path that we have set out on.

And that in a few months, the goal of this micro project will be accomplished.

A few photos of the start of the project

May 2018

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 8.37.01 PM

Village 1


A loom in the garden!






Village 2




Making some part of the warp system(?)


The Loom:


Buying the raw materials:cc2

More updates as we progress!

Read more about the previously completed Phase I micro project here

The Astitva Project Phase I


“One step after the other we will keep moving on.  

And when problems come up we will go on solving them”

Remembering my beloved mentor Mangala Wagle who would always want to know all the details of this little project and offer me her own great stories which were huge stores of wisdom, strength and love for her projects!


jaina mishra


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