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News from the National Museum Delhi

March 19, 2016 1 min read

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25 Feb to 25 April 2016
About the Exhibition
As richly patterned silks embellished with gold and silver threads, Banarasi
Brocade Saris
represent the acme of the subcontinent’s hand
weaving skills. This exhibit with over 100
objects showcases a range of Banarasi saris from the collection at the National Museum and
private collections and
traces their origins, repertoire and
contemporary expressions.
These saris are presented both as textiles for personal adornment and as cultural artefacts
produced, circulated and appreciated at home and in the world. In this way, the show
highlights the ongoing dialogue between museum artef
acts, living traditions and popular





*Photos from the Facebook page of National Museum, Delhi.

And then some matchless ones from the wovensouls collection:

ATI-130 and




March 2016


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