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Connecting the Dots of Gold

December 18, 2017 2 min read

In the past, gold jewelry with motifs created by arranging tiny granules of  gold was popular in some parts of India.

Ancient Greeks used the granulation process too but the finest granulated ornaments were crafted by Etrurians.

The technique is thought to have its origins in Sumer about 5,000 years ago. In the first millennium B.C. the technique was used by Etruscans living in present-day Italy. Greek craftsmen also employed the technique, but it was the work coming from Etruria which (wikipedia)

Archeological findings in the royal tombs of Ur, in Mesopotamia (dated 2500 B.C) include jewels made with the granulation technique.

It has been suggested that the technique spread to Anatolia to Troy and finally to Etruria.

How this craft migrated to India is something that I have yet to read up on!


Andhra Pradesh 1st century BCE – Met Museum – Wikipedia


Here are some other lovely examples of this form of gold art – all from India. 


(Forgive the quality of the photos – all taken with a phone camera without a lens that would do justice to the micro features)






And the interesting thing is that the motifs formed by the arrangement of gold dots  are also seen in the motifs used in the tattoos of the region!

I must follow this trail and see what we can find. 

The question is what question should I ask google so that the answers connecting these dots may be found! (apologies for the lame pun .. couldn’t resist it! )

Dec 2017

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