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Bless the Kohistani Creator!

January 01, 2019 1 min read

“Gulposh kabhi itraaye kahin
Mehke to nazar aa jaaye kahin”

Only the brilliant A. R. Rahman’s lyrics are appropriate for this outstanding masterpiece from Kohistan.

“A flower may try to conceal itself wherever …But its fragrance will reveal its presence”

Who knows where this masterpiece was hiding all these decades… but now its time has come to shine:

1351 Antique Kohistan Embroidery Textile Panel Masterpiece

And as if the unique motif wasn’t enough, here is one more amazing Escher-esque feature:

1351 A Antique Kohistan Textile embroidery Panel Masterpiece 01 WM

Turn it upside down and we see similar motifs but in a different color – magenta.

How shall we pay tribute to this unknown woman’s genius?

May the universe bless the creator a thousand times over for increasing the beauty quotient of the world!

More photos of this amazing panel – Asset 1351 – on wovensouls.com



December 2018

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