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The Bell Temple of Assam

October 13, 2014 1 min read

On a highway away from the main cities is a Hindu temple with a peculiarity that makes it stand apart from the millions of other Hindu temples in India. This temple attracts “Bells” as offerings for the Gods. And as a result is filled with bells.


This temple is neither famous nor large nor old and so it was not pointed out to me on a road trip to Arunachal Pradesh via Assam a few years ago. Just looking out of the car window this strange sight caught my eye and I asked the driver to stop. Had I been looking in the other direction I would have missed this unique temple altogether.

Banyan trees are worshiped in India and have festivals dedicated to them. This temple stands around an old Banyan tree.


20111130_0826-2 20111130_0827-2 20111130_0829-2 20111130_0830-2    20111130_0839-2


And the excess bells collected over the months:





Pics from 2011


Sep 2014

By Jaina Mishra

By wovensouls

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