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My Dream House …..

October 19, 2014 1 min read


Home of Ghashghaee /Qashqai nomads of Fars, South West Persia.

As we grow older and more enabled, there are fewer and fewer dreams left unfulfilled. The sweet pain of longing for something and not having it, lookin at it in the store window and pining for it every time you pass it or think about it…. those days are long gone. The desires have reduced maybe?

So when something comes along that is coveted, that I really really desire, it is time to celebrate!

And this Qashqai home is it!

A new experience, a new lifestyle that looks immensely attractive.

Have been to this nomadic house in the Changthang plateau but not enough time was spent there – the thirst and yearning was sparked rather than quenched. [link to the note]


Maybe someday….

 [*pic from the Facebook page of an Iranian magazine]


jaina mishra

Oct 2014



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