143 Rare Warli Painting on Cow Dung base

RARE tribal painting from the Warli people of Maharashtra.

This painting is a depiction of village scenes of farm life. Bonfires, threshing, ploughing and harvest dances scenes have been shown against a backdrop of nature.

The unique feature of this painting - that is rare - is the cowdung base used as contrast against the white pigment made of rice & gum mixture.í«í_ A chewed bamboo stick is used as a paint brush.

Very interesting style of art that is also popular amongst Orissa tribals. Both use only white to render their drawings.

Nowadays dung has now been substituted with natural red clay base or even mere earth-colored paint. Further, in current day paintings,í«í_ we see just one scene or two or a repetition of Warli motifs. In this piece I was able to count groups set in over one dozen different scenes.

Acquired directly from the tribal community.

This piece is about 20-25 years old.

SIZE 29cm x 59cm approximately.

Some fold wear

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