5231 Handwoven Silk Gamocha from Assam - Recently Made

í«í_Beautiful Silk GAMOCHA shawl or Wrap from Assam in North East India.

Off white field with red supplementary thread weaving on the pallo ends. Gorgeous selvedge.

Superfine silk.

The ends are not finished and the buyer will need to hem it.

Traditionally the ends are cut off and the loose threads are tied into artistic knots to form a fringe.

Assam weavings are rarely seen outside Assam as the production is very limited and all the production gets consumed in the home state itself.

The few that reach other markets are among the most expensive handlooms available in India.

Very elegant. Would make a perfect gift.

A gamocha was gifted to Duchess Kate on her visit to Assam in April 2016í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_

Size: 50cm x 125cm



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