5229 Antique Dokra Metal Tribal Box, Odisha India SOLD

An antique Dhokra or Dokra box from Orissa with extraordinary patina.í«í_

Estimated to be from the 1800s by a local metalsmith tribe.í«í_ (Do compare this piece with other Dokra boxes available on the internet.)

The last photo shows a nick on the right vertical edge that exposes the original material. The patina has also rubbed off at the latch hook - and the original shine is visible there too (Pic 7).

Some nicks, some red patina (it is not rust as this is not iron (tested with a magnet)), the latch is not tight and the top fits but needs a little adjusting to close properly. This imperfection is chaming!

The piece is hand made way before precision tools were available.

Dokra is nonäóÁí_íÍferrous metal casting using the lost was casting technique and has been practiced by the metalsmith tribes of Odisha for centuries.í«í_ Each piece is individually made by hand and has its own unique character.

8.5 x 6.5 x 11cm


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