399 Antique Tibetan Purse

Antique Purse / Lighter from Tibet.í«í_ Among the last that we shall see of a vanishing culture.

Leather, brass, silver and a bead that may or may not be coral.

Fish motif, a worn out Kirti Mukh - lion head motif -í«í_ that is seen all over Asia.

There is a metal strip at the bottom to maintain the breadth of the purse prevent it from flattening out. This strip is a bit loose.

19th century.

Originally made for self-consumption. This piece was not created for commercial purposes. Made for self-use, most of the production work was handled by the end-user and a few bits and pieces were bought and added in.

Well used as can be seen by the 1) softening and burnishing of leatherí«í_ 2) the intricate silver designs flattening out with the rubbing down
both of which can happen only with extended usage.

This piece has lived a whole-hearted life within Tibet in the hands of its Tibetan masters who lived in the 19th century.