799 Complete Antique Tibetan Buddhist Manuscript - on the Devotional Art of Wax Butter Sculptures

Complete Manuscript Set with 5 folios.

Text & drawings on both sides of each folio.

The subject of the thesis: Designs for Yak Butter Wax Devotional Sculptures.

Over a dozen Wax Butter Sculpture designs have been illustrated.

These Buddhist devotional artworks are created by monks in Buddhist Monasteries over the year and offered to Budha at Losar.

Estimated to be from the very early 1900s

Age related wear present - some edge wear and some smudging.

SIZE: 17cm x 7cm

 Rare - one of a kind - never to be found again. Perfect for a Museum.

A note on this art  seen in Sikkim may be found here on The Art Blog by wovensouls




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