463 Large Sack Vintage Indian Tribal Textile with Embroidery

Used by the Rabari people who were pastoral nomads

Their lifestyle required them to maintain the ability to pack up and leave as they moved frequently.

Their fleet of camels were used to transport their belongings including pots and pans and cradles and blankets. In such scenarios, large sacks were made out of cloth to be used as luggage.

Decorated pieces were given to the bride during her wedding by her close family. This is one such sack.

Several layers of cotton have been stitched together like a quilt for strength.

The embroidery and the applique work on the bands is colorful and bears the motifs that are the signatures of identity of the Rabari group.

This type of ornamentation is from the Debariya group of Rabaris

 Over 5 feet long




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