457 Old Hanging Indhoni Embroidered Butter Pot Holder (Ref Lord Krishna's Childhood Stories)

Lovely simple rustic   handmade "Indhoni" or "cushion-for-holding-pots".

This type of construction is used to hang pots of butter and milk suspended from the beams on the roof of the house, away from the cats and mischievous children.

Such an arrangement finds a mention in the epic Mahabharat, in the stories of Lord Krishna's childhood. Although he was an adorable toddler, he was known as "maakhan chor" or butter thief as he exasperated the women of the village by stealing their home-made butter. 

In order to keep their butter and milk safe from him and his buddies, such devices were created.

Completely handmade.

Some fraying and signs of wear.

Estimated to be from the 1960s

*The clay pot is not included*


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