366 Old Hilltribe Weaving - Shawl / Cape

Old Hilltribe Cape with woven selvedges.

Used as a cover while working in the fields.

The length of the cloth is woven with a broad border on one edge and a narrow selvedge border on the other. The long cloth is then folded over and hand-stitched along the vertical spine along the side of the narrow selvedge to create a cape.

The fabric (hemp or cotton) is thick but softened with usage.


Probably from Arunachal Pradesh / North East India

Estimated to be from the early 1900s.

178cm long x 56cm when folded over.

But the folding over is along the LENGTH of the textile. So if that were to be opened up, the size is 356 x 56cm

Has several signs of wear - minor holes, stains, uneven fading, edge fraying and overall weariness.



This item has spent a lifetime being used for the purpose of its creation with the original weaver-user.

Therefore the condition is “not” perfect.


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