304 Antique Buddhist Painting used on Pilgrimage

Beautiful antique artwork - created by a Buddhist monk as a form of meditation.

They also used it to practice undistracted focussed attention. The painting has a calming, serene and peaceful aura.

Such paintings were used on Koras or Parikramas.

Devotees held them with both hands as they performed their pilgrimage to Mount Kailash, prostrating every step of the way repeating the Stand up - hold hands high with a photo or such a painting in worship - prostrate - stand up routine all the way chanting mantras.

The nature of the patina on this artwork suggests that it has lived much of its life traveling in the great Himalayan outdoors rather than at an indoor altar.

Lovely saturated colors. The bone has yellowed with age.í«í_

Chipped at the bottom edge.

Will look perfect framed.



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