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1669 SOLD Handwoven Yellow Silk Assamese Sari Saree - Recently Made

Beautiful Silk Saree from Assam in North East India.

Rich yellow field with supplementary thread weaving in white.

The contrasting rust border has a hint of zari - called tissue zari. Superb contrasting brown selvedge on both edges.

The ends are finished traditionally with the loose threads tied into knots to form a fringe.

The saree has been professionally finished with a 'fall' panel at the bottom.

Assam weavings are rarely seen outside Assam as the production is very limited and all the production gets consumed in the home state itself.

The few that reach other markets are among the most expensive handlooms available in India.

Very elegant.

Made by an awarded masterweaver.

Less than 10 years old but will certainly be a treasured heirloom saved for the future generations.





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