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1508 Antique Tampan Ship Cloth with Gorgeous Colors and superb Story

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Antique Tampan Ship Cloth from Sumatra (maybe Putidoh area)

At the helm of the ship we see a single man at the top, possibly a Dutchman. At a lower level are two figures and at the next level there are 3 figures. One interpretation is that the 2nd row features his two wives and the 3rd row features his children. Another interpretation is that the 2nd row features his own two children and the 3rd row is his grandchildren at whose time the tampan was made. Also features about 50 other family members, some in their own boat structures with several tiers.

The overall look of the artwork is different from the other Putidoh Tampan - Asset 521 and the explanation for this needs to be found.

The craft is unique too as silk threads are rarely seen in Tampans of this size. [Silk is seen often in long cloths with a repeated pattern which is then cut up into small Tamoans - see Asset code 792 and 525]. Some of the red and yellow threads are silk.

This cloth is not just a weaving, not just a work of art but a document narrating the early family history.

This drawing is a very rare one and is probably never to be found again.

Estimated to be from the early 1800s

Distressed. Repaired with patches. Fraying. In need of restoration and tender loving care. Yet super fabulous!

LARGE: 66 x 78 cm


This item has spent a lifetime being used for the purpose of its creation with the original artist/user. Signs of this life lived heartily may be present on the piece in the form of stains, thread loss, loose threads, holes, tears, color run and other imperfections. Therefore the condition must be assumed to be “not” perfect. More photos of such imperfections will be provided on request.


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