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1501 SOLD Old Figurative Nakshi Kantha Embroidery

A fine figurative Nakshi Kantha Textile.

Features two chariots and a ring of women dancing.

I learnt from a reader that the chariot appears to be the old 3-storied Dhamrai Jagannath Roth [Chariot] in Bangladesh. Sadly it was burned in1971 by the Pakistani army. A replacement has been built but the orgininal Jagannath said to be about 400 years old was magnificent.

Also features married Hindu women dancing in a circle around a central lotus and engaged in Raas Lila in worship of Lord Krishna.

The field is filled with fine waves & ripples created by fine bunching up the base cloth with the running stitch.

Early 20th c. 

Size: 34.5'' x 56'' (88 x 142 cm).

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