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1455 SOLD - Rare Antique Sainchi Bagh Phulkari Indian Textile Art Punjab

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Unusual Sainchi in a glistening golden background and unusual borders

All of the Sainchis seen earlier are Phulkaris and NOT Baghs.(in Phulkaris the ground cloth is always visible to a significant extent while in Baghs the silk embroidery covers up the base cloth completely obliterating the view of the base cloth altogether). This is a rare Sainchi "Bagh" . 

The motifs, the layout and the fact that the entire background has been filled in with golden silk are unusual and possibly unique to this particular textile.

Note the contrast between the naivete with which the figures have been drawn and the overall elegance with which the layout & colors are arranged.

A captivating Phulkari that deserves a place in a museum.

237 X 142 cm * (corrected)

Some losses. The back has some discoloration 

Estimated to be from the mid 1900s

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