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1324 Antique Qashqai Rug with Shekarlu influence

Qashqai Rug with Shekarlu Influence

Girls, animals, birds ....many happy elements with soul present!

Superbly executed medallions, one with a gorgeous green...

Persia, 19th century, wool/wool,

approx. 250 x 185 cm,

Fair condition - has some holes that probably came from some hooks during shipping handling sometime during its dozen decades - experts will be able to repair these. [photos on request]. Some fading. Some even wear. Some lines missing on one of the ends. Sold as-is.

MY NOTES: I have waited to buy a Shekarlu for many many years - mostly because they are quite un-affordable. Further, most are similar to each other in character and I was unable to make up my mind about putting down a lot of money on any one.This one is not a pure Shekarlu rug but has the influence of that group - maybe through some marriage.

Now, I have a preference for yellows and greens..... So to have found one that has it all was a stroke of  pure luck that I shall forever wonder about! Reminds me of the song from Sound of Music... 'I must have done something good'. This beauty sits side-by-side at the top of my favorites list alongside 999, 1540 & 1388




This item has spent a lifetime being used for the purpose of its creation with the original artist/user. Signs of this life lived heartily may be present on the piece in the form of stains, thread loss, loose threads, holes, tears, color run and other imperfections. Therefore the condition must be assumed to be “not” perfect. More photos of such imperfections will be provided on request.


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