439 Mata Ni Pachedi Kalamkari Art Painting

Red Mata Ni Pachedi - a textile used by the Vaghri people in Gujarat.

These were used at community gatherings and the size of the original pieces is usually large so as to be viewable by many.

In the recent times, small artworks are being produced for personal use and as artworks.

This is a recently produced artworks with great attention to detail and precision dyeing.

The figures can be created either by hand painting or block printing.

This piece made by Sanjay Chitara, has both, kalamkari or hand drawing as well as block printed motifs. The work of this artist was exhibited at Mumbai International Airport Museum in 2015.

The red dye used in this artwork is amazing!

Found in this kalamkari are Ram, Laxman, Hanuman, Siddhi Vinayak, Shravan and Vishnu among others.

26 x 32 inches

Made before 2005


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