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Ruins of Ladakh

August 07, 2019 1 min read

Over the 10+ road trips through several naalas of Ladakh, several ruins of old buildings would zip past my car at a height or at a distance that was two quick for my eyes to fathom.

Several dozen meters after the sighting, my mind would comprehend the sight and questions would be formed. By the time I verbalised the question and my voice formed the necessary sounds to convey it, we’d have crossed hundred meters.

So over time I became familiar with the villages and knew when we were approaching these places.

And it is only on the last trip that I realised that I had, myself, with my own personal lenses, and those of my phone camera, seen at least 3 of these.

Chiktankhar. Henasku. And Balukhar. Here hey are:

1) Chiktan Palace Fort Ruins on the way to Biama

Click to view slideshow.

2) Henasku


3) Balukhar Palace / Fort Ruins near Khaltse

Click to view slideshow.

There are many other ruins there…in plain view but overlooked…material legacies of forgotten histories.

I hope to rediscover those stories along my journeys in Ladakh.



August 2019





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