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Art & Culture Conversations on a Cruiseship

March 16, 2019 1 min read

Creating conversations on Asian Art & Culture onboard the ultra-Luxury Cruise Ship Silver Whisper as an in invited guest speaker through a series of 7 lectures over 17 days of sailing from Tokyo to Singapore.

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Naturally, given the fact that the subject of Asian Art  & Culture is as vast as the ocean in which we sail at the moment, it is impossible to provide more than an introduction to the stories that surround the beauty!

But from the response it was evident that everyone loved the art & culture presented.


  1. “Palimpsests- Textile Traditions of Asia”
  2. “Folk Art – A Manifestation of Tradition”
  3. “Fascinating Buddhist Traditions and Art”
  4. “Jewelry Traditions of Asia”
  5. “Marriage Traditions of Asia”
  6. “An Introduction to Astrology through Art”
  7. “Clues to Migrations through Art”

For me, the reward is the fact that even the very experienced, very knowledgeable and very well-traveled world-cruisers were drawn in by the the beauty of the art & culture of the region and resulted in many interesting conversations.

One might wonder what one has to do on a ship for so long and I thought so too before this sailing.

But all the lunch & dinner invitations to discuss the subject further kept me so delightfully busy & stimulated that I am going miss this place very much when I disembark.

More travel stories from Vietnam coming up soon!


jaina mishra

March 2019

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