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A Steppe Eagle visits

November 10, 2021 2 min read

On my journeys, I never know what to expect.

Before I left home, my friends asked basic questions – how long will you be gone, where will you stay, how much will it cost…. etc. Very basic questions but I had no answers – it was all open-ended.

I knew the starting point. I knew that I was relying on someone I could trust to work through the plans with me and to make arrangements as needed. And that was enough. Of course given that this was my country, if minor emergencies arose, a phone call would solve it.

But the most important fact was that I had someone whose capability I could trust. And he introduced me to S Singh.

So not knowing what to expect, and with a very vague plan, I was living with S. Singh and his family in a village that is 5 kilometers from the nearest road and 10 km from the nearest hamlet or cluster of 20-30 homes.

The land he owned was a few acres and so there were no nearby neighbors. And we were surrounded by open space on all sides.

The family was large and we all integrated nicely. [at least I think so… I hope they do too]

Over conversations I realised that my host was no ordinary person. He was a wild-life activist. Not just wild-life enthusiast. But conservationist and activist. He was a simple man. And cared about simple things. Like LIFE.

And so through his day to day life I saw things I’d never have seen otherwise.

Like these cranes who migrate from Siberia every year.

And this Steppe Eagle who was injured in flight by the wires that have crowded up the landscape in the recent years.

Other villagers bring in all injured animals to my host – who takes care of them or arranges for them to be taken care of by organisations.

Here are some pictures of the effort at home.

That bird even in his injured state looked like he could kill me with his thoughts! So fierce!

After he’d been left to recuperate, we found him near a little cave-like structure about 100 m away. When we looked in, to see what was inside, we found that the dog had just given birth to puppies a few hours ago….

And this predator, even with his injured wing, was sharp enough to reach it. Fortunately for the pups, they were deep inside and this grand majestic patient could not reach it.


Birds and bees and such things have never enticed me into their world …. but here I am fascinated by all this through live experiences!

When my friends asked “what will you be doing there” could I, in a million tries have come up with ‘meeting an eagle’ as an answer?

LIFE, it is to be LIVED … it simple cannot be planned




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