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Unusual Architecture of Tamdi Surla Temple

June 30, 2010 2 min read

Deep within the forested areas of Goa lies a stone temple which seems to have very unusual architecture. Made entirely of stone – some slabs that are so large that it made me worry about the structure. My concern was obviously naive and misplaced as the temple has survived since the 12th century!


The 65 km drive in the rains through the lush forests of Goa revives the soul. Time stands still in the small rarely visited temple. No crowds, no commerce, no one selling hope & promises like one sees in Kamakhya or Puri. Just the silent acoustics of the stone temple and a little lamp burning inside.


Today as I write this, I recall sitting by the little rivulet that flowed somewhere in the area. With my cotton sari lifted upto the ankles, I sat on a river-worn rock dipping my feet into the water and letting the tinkle of my payals compete with the sounds of the brook as I splashed around like a child! And as I reveled in these pleasures known only unto me and the river, without any fear or concern or worry, somewhere not so far from me, I heard the cackling of little boys: A small group – about 6-9 years old were having the time of their life by climbing up to a high riverbank-spot and then jumping into the river and then running out to repeat this! They were having so much fun! The serenity of the temple and the forest was broken – but what beautiful sounds of laughter filled up that silence! I now regret that I did not run and join them.


I am not religious. But experiences like these – the combination of the rain, the forest, the stone, the river, the feet-splashing, the silence and everything I was surrounded by – touch my soul profoundly. To have moments in one’s life that are so innocent & pure – can lift one to exuberance simply by recalling those simple flashbacks of happiness.


A few pictures





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