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The Vishalla Collection

August 21, 2010 1 min read

This amazing collection of antique metal pots, pans, and containers is housed in Ahmedabad. That this museum is not the core engagement of the collector comes as a surprise to most visitors – it is just a hobby of the owner of one of the most popular restaurants in India.

The photos were taken casually – in my pre-photography-as-a-passion days – on a dinner outing a few years ago. But they provide a good glimpse of the treasures preserved by Surendrabhai.

demo on usage

Surendrabhai ‘s collection contains secrets of life as we no longer know it – there are items that are defunct today and it would take a whole lot of mystery-solving to figure out the use of some of these articles if someone were to exacavate these even 5o years later and find that the instruction manual was missing!

Someday I will go back to Vishalla and understand all the unique articles at leisure.


p.s. a few such interesting metal articles are also available in the wovensouls collection here

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