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The Sawantwadi Palace

April 26, 2018 1 min read

Sawantwadi - 2017-3

A walk around the charming old Palace building of Sawantwadi, in South Maharashtra just a few km from Goa.

Sawantwadi - 2017-2Sawantwadi - 2017-1Sawantwadi - 2017-16Sawantwadi - 2017-15Sawantwadi - 2017-14Sawantwadi - 2017-13Sawantwadi - 2017-10Sawantwadi - 2017-41Sawantwadi - 2017-40Sawantwadi - 2017-39Sawantwadi - 2017-89Sawantwadi - 2017-45

The overall building layout and the minor accents are native to the region and therefore very appealing. The sense of identity is strongly rooted in its own heritage*.

Sawantwadi - 2017-44Sawantwadi - 2017-46Sawantwadi - 2017-26Sawantwadi - 2017-25Sawantwadi - 2017-24Sawantwadi - 2017-23Sawantwadi - 2017-22Sawantwadi - 2017-18Sawantwadi - 2017-17Sawantwadi - 2017-12Sawantwadi - 2017-11Sawantwadi - 2017-43


Part of the building houses a museum.



April 2018




*I find myself emphasising this aspect a lot because I was scarred by what I saw in some other palaces in India where the grandeur was borrowed from Europe and it was clearly a tragic case of “wannabe like the rulers“. Apologies.


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