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The Grace of a Burmese Fan

June 01, 2018 1 min read

Could it be said that Art reflects the character of the people?

This is most certainly true in the case of Burmese Art!

The immense grace in the flowing lines of these Buddha fans could only been conceived by a peaceful content soul living in harmony with the community and the environment.

Initial readings suggest that such fans are used in temples during ceremonies and are held by disciples to shield the monk’s eyes from distractions while giving blessings.

Antique Myanmar Burmese Buddha Wooden Fan Art

Antique Myanmar Burmese Buddha Wooden Fan Art

The pleasing curves create a very soothing peaceful presence in the room in ways I do not understand…

Maybe it absorbed (and is now exuding) the pure unpolluted calm of the Buddhist soul that it served for decades?

Coming soon as Asset 1277 on wovensouls.com


May 2018


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