The Art of Spirituality

April 19, 2015

In my childhood I had heard my grandma say that there are four stages in one’s life

a. The Stage of Bacherlorhood – a life of study, a life of skill building

b. The Stage of a Householder – that entails marriage & children, and the discharging of one;s duties as the prime members of the family, looking after the elder and the younger generation

c. The Stage of Retirement – in which one ceases active participation on the main-stage and begins to occupy the fringes

d. The Stage of Renunciation – in which one pursues spirituality.

The date of onset of the next stage varies from one individual to the next depending on contextual differences. But if one bears this general rule is mind then it results in a harmonious life especially when multi-generational families live under one roof.


In my particular case, I have recently become more and more interested in old paintings that have a spiritual / religious significance.

When I was thinking about this new-found love, I could not help but wonder whether this is the precursor to the onset of the spiritual stage!

Thai religious paintings, Yao religious paintings, Myanmar scrolls, Jain paintings, Vellum Torah, Sanskrit & Prakrit manuscripts, Islamic prayer books  … are all so appealing to me.


Sanskrit Hindu Manuscript

composite of 3

Yao religious paintings


Paubji Folk God Painting

Antique Buddhist Painting

Buddhist Thangka Painting on Yak Shoulder Bone


Torah on Vellum


Thai Religious Painting

Antique Prayer Persian Manuscript of the Begum of Awadh, Kaisarbagh, acquired at the Capture of Lucknow, 1858

Islamic Prayer Book


Myanmar Scroll


Mataji ni Pachedi of the Vaghri people


Mongolian Burhany Zurag

Ancient Jain Manuscript - Kalpasutra

Jain Kalpasutra folio


Jagannath Puri Patta

For now, it is the art of the spiritual explorations that is appealing to me.

Maybe that is the first step.

Maybe that will lead to others or maybe the art will be the only step! Who knows!

The best thing about the future is that it is unknown. [Life would be so boring otherwise!]

Whatever the route might be in the future, in the present moment there is immense pleasure in being surrounded by the art of spirituality.

jm April 2015




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