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The Art of Garlanding Flowers

August 28, 2016 1 min read


Garlands are used at a range of events in India – to honor politicians, to mark birthdays, in the wedding ceremony and in funeral ceremonies.

Flowers that are beautiful on their own, are combined in pleasing color combinations and made into large chains that are sometimes heavier than the wearer.

Until I saw these being made,  I thought it was as simple as stringing one flower after another.

But in this one – the artists wrap one white mogra bud in a single red rose petal and use this composite as the basic element which is strung together in twirls to form the garland.

The one I watched being made is probably just one of the many creative variations that the artists have come up with in response to commercial demands of ‘something new – something unusual’.








This one took about 3 man hours to complete!

And price? Rs. 350 ($5) and had I haggled it would have been mine for Rs.300 …….

No words!!



And so a work of art made out of nature adorned the photo of my late grandma at her final ceremony!





Sep 2016

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