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Spectacular Beadworks across Cultures

April 03, 2021 2 min read

I begin my mornings ensconced in my room, away from the newspaper, away from any human contact.

The thing that won’t let me sleep longer, the one thing that excites me every single day about the next new morning is art in my life.

Every morning – a random photo or thought leads me down a different thought-path and I am drawn into a new sub-world of beautiful things.

This morning I was struck by bead works. The piece below is from Afghanistan. Cloves & beads put together.

As I looked at a cross section of bead art from various cultures, I was struck by the freshness of ideas that seem to have occurred to all the women who made these things.

Some weave them into textiles, others embroider with them. [See more here]

These women had so little compared to the luxuries we have today and yet they created such lovely things out of basic materials.

Were their lives just BETTER in absolute terms than ours? If the beauty of their legacy is anything to go by, I think the answer is Yes.

Then, when I’ve had my dose of beauty, and my pointless philosophizing, I am ready to deal with the mundane issues of the outside world such as taxes and accounts etc!

Starting the day by reminding myself of the beauty we are surrounded by must be some form of prayer right?




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