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Salar Jung Museum – The Mughal Glass Collection

March 03, 2014 1 min read

Mughal Glass constitutes a very prominent landmark in the history of glass in India. Under the reign of Akbar glass factories flourished but the best examples of Mughal glass were produced during the reigns of Jehangir & Shahjehan.

Early Mughal glass is characterised by the use of opaque surfaces. Motifs used in the different periods help to date the objects by comparing to motifs found in miniature paintings and carpets of the same period.

The main technique used in creating the decorations are gilding, enamelling and gold painting on the surface.

A few pictures showing the  beautiful hukka bottoms and other articles.

Wovensouls-Salar-Jung-Museum-MUGHAL-GLASS-s-2 Wovensouls-Salar-Jung-Museum-MUGHAL-GLASS-s-3 Wovensouls-Salar-Jung-Museum-MUGHAL-GLASS-s-4 Wovensouls-Salar-Jung-Museum-MUGHAL-GLASS-s-5 Wovensouls-Salar-Jung-Museum-MUGHAL-GLASS-s-6 Wovensouls-Salar-Jung-Museum-MUGHAL-GLASS-s-7 Wovensouls-Salar-Jung-Museum-MUGHAL-GLASS-s-8 Wovensouls-Salar-Jung-Museum-MUGHAL-GLASS-s-9 Wovensouls-Salar-Jung-Museum-MUGHAL-GLASS-s-10 Wovensouls-Salar-Jung-Museum-MUGHAL-GLASS-s-11 Wovensouls-Salar-Jung-Museum-MUGHAL-GLASS-s-12  Wovensouls-Salar-Jung-Museum-MUGHAL-GLASS-s-14 Wovensouls-Salar-Jung-Museum-MUGHAL-GLASS-s-15 Wovensouls-Salar-Jung-Museum-MUGHAL-GLASS-s-16



March 2014

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