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Running Out of Sand – Random Musings

June 01, 2017 2 min read

The sands of time are not unlimited …. and each walks a finite journey.

Some moments we stop in the journey to catch our breath and reflect

And that is the moment that we realise that we are running out of sand ….

Which is not necessarily a bad thing!

It is okay to feel that the sense of a very pleasant “Enough”

Enough has been done, enough has been seen, enough has been enjoyed.

The cravings have been quenched. Enough has come my way.

And so – this moment of reflection – the moment in which we catch our breath and reassess it all – becomes a moment of disruption.

The rhythm is going to change – the pace is going to change.

The beats to which we dance are going to change.

For, there is not enough runway left. And we must make most of what is left.

It is time to produce the swan song …

Who will be the audience for that production?


For all of life is ultmately “Svantuh Sukhaye”…..For the fulfilment of oneself.


One reflective moment is all it needs to bring about a change in the path…

Every now and then, we see in textiles – a sudden change in the motifs in a rug – maybe in a border or on one end.

What disruptive moment occurred?

Did the production pass to the hands of a daughter? Did some family event – birth of a child or wedding -or a nomadic migration – or something not-so-happy – cause the artwork to be put aside for awhile – so that when it was picked up again the same color could not be found?

Here are two examples:


Change of Color – White replaced by beige in one quadrant



Border Motifs Change in 3 places…..

The Square in the right-hand bottom corner could be explained as a nazar butti – but the others?

Such changes are seen in antique village and tribal rugs but I have no examples to show in mine.


Were these planned or was it a case of “it just so happened that change happened”?

Or .. or … or  – the conjectures are endless.

The WHY does not matter.

What matters is that change came and made everything more beautiful.


June 2017








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