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Revisiting the Kalianda Tampan Shipcloth

August 23, 2021 1 min read

It gets very windy in Singapore.

And things fall. And break.

And this is how the glass of the frame on one of the best surviving Tampans, broke.

Previously I had taken terrible photos of the shipcloth itself and photographing it occurred to be only a few months afterit had been framed.

And so I had unreal and uncomplimentary pictures only of the amazing textile.

So when the glass cracked, I was secretly delighted.

Yesterday in the hurry that accompanies excitement and delight I took some new photos – without any consideration for lighting etc. Here they are:

In the next few days I will take more and upload them to the gallery.

This is one of the few pieces that is not for sale – that I hope to be surrounded by until my last day here!

Happiness is THIS!



Aug 2021

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