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Responsibility of Caring for an Antique Yuncu Kilim

March 26, 2018 1 min read

This rare antique Turkmen Kilim with Pile Bands created by Yuncu Turkmen nomads sometime in the mid 1800s or earlier came to me awhile ago.


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No wonder that when the dealer parted with it he sent me an email with the subject line

“Your RESPONSIBILITY of the Yuncu Turkmen Kilim”

The email consisted of a heap of instructions – along the lines of the notes one might construct when one entrusts a child to a new babysitter.

“It had  a long and strong life. It had good owners and survived up to today. Until it came to me it had some problems and I did my best to give it a strength and will power for longer life. Now, it is your turn to be little nice and helpful to it.  If you use it on the floor try to keep it away from dust as much as you can and ……. and …. and….”

It is  so clear that he loved it very much and it probably pained him a bit to let this go.

I love that he loved it so!

This piece deserved it.


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