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Protective Spirits from the Past

January 19, 2016 1 min read


There are Dayak Baby Carriers and then there are Dayak Baby Carriers.

Spirits in some recent ones are wearing clothing and jewelry – like vests and underwear!  Maybe it is modesty? Hadn’t seen anything like this 5 years ago. But this seems to be a recent trend!


And in contrast are the really old ones – with primitive rendtitions of protective spirits



This one is unique because in most others the bead panel is created separately and then the edges are attached to the woven basket. In this case, the design has been created by vertical bead lines, each stitched directly onto the cloth base that is attached to the rattan weave. There is no physical horizontal connector between the vertical lines – making it a unique way of creating the beaded artwork.

Maybe this feature is associated with a different sub-group or an earlier era.

Converted to B&W and in high contrast – the figure can be seen clearly.


Which do you prefer?




more photos of the old piece here on wovensouls.com


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