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Perspective makes all the Difference

November 12, 2016 2 min read

Where you stand matters to what you see! Perspective makes all the difference.

Quite an obvious statement isn’t it?

An example from the world of textiles that highlighted this truth:

Last month I came across this textile.

I will not call it a rug because it is past its “rug” days as most of the pile is worn out.

So when I saw it, I saw it as a weaving and was besotted with the soul that lay within, the motifs, the layout, the idea of its being.

And for a song I made it mine.


I knew that I loved the motifs – but I  had only a vague idea of what to do with it.I thought  I might  use it at the entrance of the house or cover up some foot stool with it. It would be one of the minor accents in some corner so that I would  get a shot of  unexpected delight whenever I caught a glimpse.

So it arrived yesterday.

I laid it out looked at it for a while, examined the signs of age and mulled over what to use it for. And then I put it out in the balcony for some UV & IR cleaning in our strong equatorial sunlight.

And that is when I saw the back!

Transfixed – I could not believe my eyes. The colors were fabulous – not faded – and the artwork was clear and vibrant  as if it had been made yesterday! The back had remained protected from all the feet that trampled and destroyed the front!

My plan for it changed instantly!

It would now go up on a wall with the backon display, in one of the spots reserved for prime artworks! Fortunately it i small enough for such a display!

Here it is:


Standing behind the rug made all the difference.

Turning it upside-down or in this case down-side up  changed everything.

Am blessed that  I could see the other side of the story.

What if I had never been exposed to that side?

I’d have missed its heart wrenching beauty altogether!

What a scary thought that is!!


Nov 2016






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