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New Acquisitions of Kutch Textile Art in the Wovensouls Collection

August 14, 2012 1 min read

The eye learns with every new exposure and becomes more discerning.

Now I value the unusual form more than I did earlier.  In the world of textile art everything can be ‘pretty’ but to find a piece with an use that is rendered obsolete with dying customs is harder to find. Pieces that may have been commonplace in their time may have been destroyed through wear and tear and new production is no longer warranted – and so no evidence remains. These are the pieces I enjoy finding.

A few pieces have come my way and delighted me recently.

An antique coin belt used by Nomads & gypsies in the days when gold & silver coins were the only currency used. As they roamed across hundreds of kilometers of land, they earned wealth from the milk & wool of their flocks, and from ‘sitting’ their flock on fields and charging the farmers for the fertiliser provided …. All this wealth was stored in the coin belts worn on their body. This is one such belt!

Hand woven without a loom – an absolute delight to behold!

And then there is the rare antique Dabu block printed skirt of the Kutch Rajputs. Hand block printed and Hand stitched!

And 2 exquisitely embroidered antique door panels to welcome guests :

These articles and more – hand fans, beaded articles, milk pot holders and more are described in detail on wovensouls.com here.


August 2012


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